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How It Works

The easiest way to buy and sell currencies with different deposit and payment options


Create an account

Sign up for an account with your name, email and phone number then confirm  your account in seconds.


General Market

Once you you’ve sign-up and confirmed your account login and visit the General Market


Buy and sell Currencies

Start buying and selling euro, dollar, pound and naira instantly at the best rates from other users or just deal with us directly


Our Middleman Service

With our middleman service (escrow) we will help you complete your deal with other users on the platform for just a small fee so you can deal with peace of mind Get Started now

Resources to learn more about how Nairastand

Expertly curated articles to help you understand how Nairastand work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nairastand is a social exchange platform that allows you to send money to your loved once back home instantly with little to no fees and buy and sell currencies from other users, Nairastand also provide daily updates of black market exchange rates.

To open a Nairastand  account simply visit our webpage click signup mobile enter the required details. This takes less than 3 minutes. Signup now free

The general market is a place where you can buy and sell dollar, euro, pound and Naira to other users of the platform. with general market you set your own rates be you a buyer or a seller. Learn more.