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Dollar Exchange Online

Nairastand was created to making sending of money from and to abroad easy, we provide seamless and effortless exchange and transfer of Naira from abroad to your loved once back home and vice versa.  with us you get your funds directly in naira no need to worry about how you can change it and at an unbeatable rate. no matter what time of the day it is you will receive your funds within 10 mins of payment confirmation. same goes for the transfer of dollar, our aim is to make the transfer of money to your loved once easy and simple.  if you don’t like our rate you can visit the General Market to deal with other users that wants to change money, this way you have variety of options to choose from, and decide the rate which you want to buy or sell, the general market will provide you with the opportunity to buy and sell at the rate you want. you can also find updates there and interact with other users, with General Market you can deal as you want, and if you find someone you which to deal with but don’t trust them or just want some extra security, we can also be the middleman between you and the seller or buyer. we also strive to provide daily updates of  naira black market exchange rate.

Dollar Exchange Online

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Nairastand the social exchange for dollar, euro, pound and Naira a place where you can buy and sell dollar, euro, pound and Naira from other users and at the same time discuss and share opinions and updates on the currencies, we also aim to make Nairastand the largest platform for black market users a platform where you can come and change you currencies into Naira at the best rate possible, therefore we ask that you join us in this mission by using this platform responsibly so that we can grow together.

Dollar Exchange Online

Our Services 

.Transfer of funds

.Middleman service

.Exchange of currencies

.Buying and selling of euro, dollar, pound and Naira


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